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Element  29 Shears

Pick any 2.  For ONLY $149.99

Element 29 has gone Rouge. We Now have Shears!!!!!

Individual Shears, Thinners and Chuckers

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Made to stand up in busy Grooming salon.


  • Made from a Stainless Stain base for higher strength and toughness. 
  • Electrodeposition with Copper because of its electrical conductivity and naturally accruing antibacterial properties.
  • This comb will be anti-static, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal all while adding shine and luster to the coat.
  • You will get less resistance during combing, thus resulting in less breakage and damage.
  • The teeth on the Prep comb are shorter to make it easier and more efficient to thoroughly comb through the hair all the while ensuring you get the dead coat-hair out.
  • It will eliminate frizzy fly away hair.
  • The teeth on the Detail comb are a bit longer and closer together so you can make sure you’re getting the most beautiful finish you can. While still maintaining the Luster and Shine.


Hear what people are saying:


If you haven’t tried element 29 copper combs I highly recommend them! They glide through coat so smoothly, today I’m doing this Bedlington with very sticky difficult hair and my poodle comb wasn’t going through. I switched to my Element 29 fluff comb and voila! Smooth combing, great combs! Jonathan D

 These combs are a complete game changer, especially the prep comb; it takes mats out of a dog without breaking coat or leaving holes in the coat. I absolutely recommend investing in these combs, they are all I use now! Brain C


Daily poodle maintenance.

 No brush today. Only used my #element29combs and look at the difference. 😱 These combs are a serious game changer. Anti-static, antibacterial and anti-fungal. They leave the coat so shiny and soft. I’m hooked. Sarah D

 love these Combs! I got all 3 at all American Groom show and I have not stopped using them. I don't even touch my old Combs now. I even sometimes i just use these to brush a dog out instead of using a brush followed by a comb. They weren't kidding when they said anti-static as well. I no longer have those pesky fly away hairs. that's without adding a finishing spray. I will never trade these Combs for anything. Melissa H

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Return Policy: The following does not apply to clearance & final sale items: Please send all returns back with a copy of the original invoice that notes that you would like to return the enclosed items. Once inspected a credit will be issued to you immediately on the same card the items were originally purchased on, and a copy of your receipt will be sent. Items may be exchanged but will incur a shipping charge of $7.15 for any exchanges made. YOU MUST HAVE A COPY OF YOUR INVOICE FOR ALL RETURNS. No exceptions! All returns must be made within 30 days of purchase. Please check your merchandise as soon as you receive it to ensure that everything has arrived as ordered and is functioning properly. Failure to promptly check your equipment will not result in an extension beyond 30 days. No exceptions. All returns must be unused, in the same condition they were shipped out in. Any stains, scratches, or other marks may result in either refusal of exchange or a restocking fee. No exceptions. Sale Items: Items that are currently on sale (not to be mistaken for Clearance and Final Sale items) are all returnable according to our normal return policy and within 30 days of purchase. Items that are currently on sale may be exchanged but will incur a shipping charge of $7.15 for any exchanges made. 

Items returned that are defective will be exchanged for up to 90 days after purchase. Please send all returns back with a copy of the original invoice that notes that you would like a replacement if available of the enclosed item(s) or an equal product. Once inspected a new item will be shipped out at no cost. No more than one replacement per item. 

All Clearance items are Non-Returnable & Non-Exchangeable No exceptions. Please pay careful attention when ordering these items. 

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