Same combs you love only better

Now that voting is over, we would like to offer a pre- Hershey specail.

You can get the Detailer, the 8"Prep comb and the Fluff comb for  Only 75.00

Made by groomers for groomers 

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Made to stand up in busy Grooming salon.


  • Made from a Stainless Stain base for higher strength and toughness. 
  • Electrodeposition with Copper because of its electrical conductivity and naturally accruing antibacterial properties.
  • This comb will be anti-static, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal all while adding shine and luster to the coat.
  • You will get less resistance during combing, thus resulting in less breakage and damage.
  • The teeth on the Prep comb are shorter to make it easier and more efficient to thoroughly comb through the hair all the while ensuring you get the dead coat-hair out.
  • It will eliminate frizzy fly away hair.
  • The teeth on the Detail comb are a bit longer and closer together so you can make sure you’re getting the most beautiful finish you can. While still maintaining the Luster and Shine.


Hear what people are saying:


If you haven’t tried element 29 copper combs I highly recommend them! They glide through coat so smoothly, today I’m doing this Bedlington with very sticky difficult hair and my poodle comb wasn’t going through. I switched to my Element 29 fluff comb and voila! Smooth combing, great combs! Jonathan D

 These combs are a complete game changer, especially the prep comb; it takes mats out of a dog without breaking coat or leaving holes in the coat. I absolutely recommend investing in these combs, they are all I use now! Brain C


Daily poodle maintenance.

 No brush today. Only used my #element29combs and look at the difference. 😱 These combs are a serious game changer. Anti-static, antibacterial and anti-fungal. They leave the coat so shiny and soft. I’m hooked. Sarah D

 love these Combs! I got all 3 at all American Groom show and I have not stopped using them. I don't even touch my old Combs now. I even sometimes i just use these to brush a dog out instead of using a brush followed by a comb. They weren't kidding when they said anti-static as well. I no longer have those pesky fly away hairs. that's without adding a finishing spray. I will never trade these Combs for anything. Melissa H